You can make your own duct insulation.

This article explains how to do that and it’s not as hard as it sounds.

Read more 1/2 A sheet of sheet metal cut to size A sheet can be cut to the right size, but there are a few different ways of doing it.

First, you can make a square, cut out a rectangular section, and then add some extra tape to the top to make a thicker rectangle.

2/2 Wrap the rectangle around the corner of the sheet and attach the edges together with glue.

Make sure the tape is sticking firmly to the sheet.

This can make the sheet feel very firm.

3/2 Cut out the rectangle and put the top edge of the rectangle on top of the bottom.

This will hold the insulation in place and help to keep it from stretching out.

4/2 Place a strip of insulation around the bottom of the box.

The insulation can be of different thicknesses and be used to make other parts of the roof, such as the roofing.

5/2 Seal the rectangle, and wrap it again around the top and bottom edges of the insulation.

6/2 Cover the corners of the square with some more tape, and place it under the roof.

This ensures the insulation will be securely attached to the roof and will not come loose.

7/2 Lay the insulation down and tape it all around the box, making sure to secure it with a few staples.

8/2 Secure the box with glue, and you’re done.