A year ago, my dad gave me a pair of hunting bags for my first trip to the woods.

We had them strapped in the back of the truck so they could be transported to the forest to use for hunting.

I remember thinking, “If we could just make this thing into a backpack, it would be perfect.” 

I had never made a backpack before, but the idea of carrying a pair and carrying it everywhere made me want one.

I made a few changes in the backpack, like getting rid of the handle for the zipper and replacing it with a leather-handled one.

I started by assembling the backpack using a combination of my dad’s old hunting banger and a few different materials.

The main part was a steel frame with metal inserts for the straps.

I attached the frame to a nylon fabric strap, attached the backpack to a sturdy belt with a loop on the inside, and wrapped the straps around the frame.

I used a small metal hook on the back for the buckle and attached the front strap to the back strap, leaving the zipper for the front.

I also added a metal zipper on the front of the backpack and added some Velcro on the bottom.

The backpack is sturdy enough to handle all my hunting needs and is very comfortable.

The only problem was the zipper was too long, so I cut off the back piece and used two pieces of plastic for the back zipper and a piece of plastic to attach the front zipper to.

This solved my zipper issue, and I now have a perfect backpack for any outdoorsman or huntress.

 For the back, I decided to go with some cheap fabric from a thrift store.

I cut the fabric to fit around the back and sewed it into a strip of velcro that would attach the strap and backpack to the fabric.

This also worked for the strap because I didn’t have to sew it onto the fabric first.

A couple of months later, I added the Velcro to the front, which allowed the backpack strap to be fastened in place.

I didn´t use any other materials, just some cheap nylon from a sewing machine.

To complete the backpack look, I attached a pair a leather jacket, a nylon sweater, a pair more leather hiking pants, and a pair hunting boots to the top.

I think this backpack will look awesome with the hunting boots on, and with my dad and I still hunting.