article Now that you know how to build a snowproof roof, here are the steps to making one:1.

Find a good place to put it2.

Drill a hole3.

Cut the insulation to length4.

Place the roof on top5.

Add a snow plow6.

Add more insulation to keep the snow out7.

Install the snowplow8.

Add snow fencing9.

Build a snow gate10.

Add some decorative snow on top11.

Snow on the outside12.

Add your snow fence and a snow lamp13.

Add an ice-cream cone14.

Add ice cream to your house15.

Add outdoor decorations16.

Add decorative snow to your driveway17.

Add decor to your home18.

Add another snow plowing machine19.

Install snow fencing20.

Add winterized insulation21.

Add insulation in your basement22.

Add additional insulation in the attic23.

Add Christmas decorations24.

Add extra snow to the attic25.

Add exterior decoration to your kitchen window and exterior walls26.

Add decorations to your garage window27.

Add light to your yard, window and snowflake windows28.

Add reflective paint to your window and roof29.

Add curtains and snowflakes to your exterior wall30.

Add decoration to the windows31.

Add window decoration to a window32.

Add curtain to a front window33.

Add frosting to a frosted window34.

Add new windows to your interior garden and your yard35.

Add tree decorations to the window panes36.

Add windows to the roof37.

Add rain covers and rain mats to your roof38.

Add glass to your windows39.

Add trees to your lawn.40.

Add foliage to your tree.