It is important to have your holiday to a great wine and beers destination, as it helps keep you happy and sober and it’s more fun to be there than to sit around a bar in a fancy restaurant.

But if you can’t afford to travel and you just want to enjoy a beer or two while on holiday, here are some ideas to make sure you don’t run out of booze and wine.


Have a couple of glasses of wine, even if it’s not an expensive wine.

This will make you feel more relaxed and will help you to stay awake.


Buy a bottle of wine or bottle of beer for the party.

There are many great wine bars in Italy that will sell you beer and wine for a reasonable price.


Buy some chilled water to refresh yourself after a long day.

A bottle of water can last for a whole day.

It’s not expensive but you might not be able to enjoy it if you have a cold or are drinking in a dark bar.


Take a sip of a chilled beer.

If you’re not sure whether you should take a sip, look for a bottle that is chilled in the fridge.


Use a glass of wine.

If it’s really cheap, buy a bottle for yourself.

You can even use it for your friends, if you want to keep the conversation going.


Take another sip of the bottle of your choice.

You will be surprised by the quality of the wine you will get and will have a more interesting conversation afterwards.


Make a toast.

This is an old-fashioned toast, but if you really love your beer or wine, you might even make one for your guests.


Drink with a friend.

You might want to share a glass with some friends, and if you’re looking for a way to be sober during your holiday, make sure they are not drinking too much.


Enjoy the weather.

It is always a good idea to wear a jacket or a raincoat when you are on holiday.

If the temperature is warm, you can cool down on the beach or in a pool or play in the snow.


Use the toilet.

Do you have to go to the toilet?

If you are going to go, do it in a quiet place and do not use the restroom in public.

If your friends want to use the toilet, they will be happier if they can have a good conversation.


Go for a walk.

If walking is not your thing, try to find a place where you can walk around without people.

Some places will give you free Wi-Fi or WiFi in their stores.

If that doesn’t work, you may also want to try using a public transport card or an Uber, which are cheaper than driving.


Go to the beach.

There is no reason not to go for a dip in the sea or just a walk around the park.


Enjoy some quiet time.

While you are relaxing in the sunshine, try enjoying a nice glass of water.

This might not seem like a lot of money, but it’s the most relaxing time you can have.


Drink a glass.

You don’t have to buy a glass if you already have one, but you can take it from the fridge and enjoy it with a glass, for example, a half-pint.


Use some cold water to relax.

You have to take some cold showers during your vacation to keep you hydrated.


Eat something that has a good nutritional value.

If a restaurant offers a lot more food than you might expect, you should eat it, not just buy it, and use it up.

You may want to look into buying some healthy snacks, but keep in mind that the quality will vary from restaurant to restaurant.


Have some wine or beer.

It might be cheaper to take a bottle and drink it, rather than buying a cheap one, if it has good ingredients.

But it’s also a good thing to keep a few bottles in your cupboard and to drink it when you feel like it.