A new product has come to market that offers a stylish way to clean the insulation on your fridge.

Called the thermal insulator knife, it comes with a very small knife blade that cuts into the insulation for cleaning purposes.

The knife is made from carbon fiber, which is one of the most breathable materials known to man.

And it can be used to cut through the insulation layer of your fridge, eliminating the need for an expensive and messy electric heat removal system. 

“I was inspired to design this knife after a friend recommended it,” says the co-founder of Thermals, Daniel Mancuso.

“I knew it would be a good idea for someone who is concerned about the heat they are putting into the fridge and wanted something to do with it.”

The thermal insulation product uses a special kind of material called carbon nanotubes, which are also used in high-performance electric motor seals and insulation.

“This material is incredibly strong, very resilient, and has been used in the past for the construction of some of the world’s strongest electric motor sealing systems,” says Mancuseo.

“In our product, we are taking the best parts of this material and applying them to a very lightweight, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly design.”

The knife can cut through a 1/2 inch thick insulation layer, which means that you can cut a hole in it, as opposed to cutting through the entire insulation layer. 

This is especially useful if you are cleaning the insulation with a hot water bottle, for example, and want to remove any dust that may have accumulated in the hole.

The company is offering the thermal insulated knife for $59.99 (about £51) from Thermaltools. 

The Thermal Insulator Knife is a one-piece product that is easy to use, and it can easily be used for a wide range of tasks, from cleaning your fridge to cleaning the freezer.

“I like to have the thermal layer on the fridge, it is super absorbent and it doesn’t need to be covered,” says co-creator Daniel Manchuso, who is also a chef.

“But if you have a lot of heat coming into the house, I would suggest using it to clean your fridge or freezer.”

The company has also released a video tutorial on the thermal knife’s features.