The heat is already starting to turn into an issue for Australians and there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to stay out and enjoy the sun during the heatwave.

The latest data from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology shows the average daily temperature for May and June is currently at about 20 degrees, which is below the 20 degree mark the bureau says is normal.

But there are some areas where the average is higher, and even some that are in the middle of the pack.

Where the average temperature is hotter, people are wearing more insulating clothing, while others are wearing less.

The heat is heating up and it is starting to become more noticeable The ABC’s Sarah Smith spoke to more than 20 people in Adelaide and Perth, who told her they were getting less comfortable when they were in the heat.

Sarah Smith’s interview with 10 people who are in hot weather Sarah says she has to stay in the shade to protect her skin and she thinks people should wear insulated rain boots or insulated jackets, as well as a jacket with reflective insulation, as much as possible.

“If it’s too hot, then I can’t wear my jacket and I can feel it on my skin,” she said.

“It gets really hot, so it makes me feel like I’m in a bubble.”

Sarah says if it is too hot to wear a jacket, then she has no choice but to put on a thermal layer to keep her skin protected.

This thermal layer is not a perfect solution, as she says she can still feel it when she is outside.

She says people need to do their research before they decide to put their coat on to stay warm.

But the more people are in heat, the more important it is for people to get out and experience the sun.

“We’ve got a lot of young people who don’t know where to go to school and they’re really frustrated, and it’s not really safe,” she says.

Some of the people who said they were wearing jackets at home said they would have to put them on outside to protect their skin.

Sarah says that, despite the heat, some of the most common things people were doing was going outside and watching the sunset, which was a great way to get away from the heat and get out of the house.

“It’s really good to go outside and enjoy it,” she explains.

What’s next?

The bureau’s latest heat index shows temperatures are continuing to climb in some areas, including in the inner north of the state.

It shows that temperatures are now above 20 degrees in Sydney, more than double the previous high.

On average, the average high is around 18 degrees in Adelaide, the bureau said.

Melbourne has also recorded its highest temperature since the Bureau of Statistics began keeping records in 1910.

Temperatures have risen by 1.4 degrees in the past two days, and have now reached 29.4C.

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