When it comes to hiking jackets, the majority of brands and styles are fairly consistent.

They feature a solid construction, have waterproof properties, and offer an adequate amount of insulation.

The best part?

They’re affordable.

Here are the top 10 hiking jackets to consider, and the prices for the best ones to get started.1.

Under Armour UltraSlim – $2502.

Merrell Outback Jacket – $3253.

North Face Nubuck – $3504.

Reebok Trail Runner – $4005.

Re-Logic Suede Jacket – 20% offThe Under Armour Ultralight is an all-around great-looking jacket.

It has a lightweight design and breathable mesh shell, and a solid exterior.

Its comfort is great, as is its warmth.

But for those looking for the ultimate outdoor jacket, the Merrell Outdoor Series has some pretty premium features.

The Merrell Under Armour Nubuff and North Face Outback jackets have been our top picks for years, but the Merrier’s ultralight version is now getting a significant upgrade.

The Nubuf has a heavier mesh shell with a waterproof coating that keeps the wearer comfortable throughout the day.

The outer layer of the jacket is a full-grain leather with a synthetic shearling lining.

The inside of the liner is lined with a breathable nylon.

There are two vents at the top of the chest pocket, with a mesh cover that keeps moisture out.

The mesh pocket is designed to keep a wet and cold fleece down, which is especially useful for cold weather adventures.

The inner lining of the upper body has a mesh panel to keep the body cool and dry.

The jacket has a stretchy polyester shell, which also helps keep it dry in the hot and humid weather.

The Reeboks Trail Runner is the best option for a warmer weather version.

It’s a full zip-up with a double layer of Gore-Tex.

The double layer keeps the inner lining from sticking to the upper torso, which can make for a more difficult jacket to compress in the event of a cut.

For this reason, it’s the one to try on a cold winter day.

Merrett’s Nubucase jacket has the same construction and construction-style as the Merrel Outdoor Series.

It also comes in a variety of colors, including black, navy, and white.

For $400, the Nubup is a great option for those who like a more lightweight option.2.

Under Armor UltraLight – $3603.

Merrel Outback – $3804.

Merckx Pack – $4205.

Merrill Outdoor Series – $4505.

UnderArmor TrailRunner – $500The Merrell UltraLight is a well-made, all-weather, lightweight jacket.

Its construction is light, but it’s not too heavy for a long day.

It doesn’t have much in the way of comfort, but for a less expensive option, it can’t be beat.

The Under Armour Outback is a good value if you want a lightweight option that offers plenty of protection.

The merrell Outbacks construction is lightweight and durable, with the insulation on the inside being super breathable and a great deal less likely to snag on your jacket.

The fleece lining is a breathproof material that will keep you cool while in the rain or snow.

There is an internal mesh flap to keep you dry.

Merries Nubust has a breathability layer on the back and inside, and Merrills Pack has a liner with mesh that can be used to keep your body warm.

The insoles are lined with mesh, and there are a couple of vent holes that can provide extra ventilation.

The liner is also lined with breathable polyester that provides extra warmth and breathability.

Merrier Outdoor Series jackets have a good amount of functionality and features.

They come in different styles, and all offer a wide array of different insulation.

They’re also a little cheaper than Merralls.2a.

Merle Outdoor Series Hooded Jacket – 100% cotton, 100% wool, 3 layers (80% fleece, 10% nylon)$175.

Merrill Outdoor Series hooded jacket – $2003.

Underarmor Trail Runner Hooded jacket- 100% nylon, 100 % wool, 4 layers (90% flee