Insulating your house can be a challenging task.

For the most part, insulating your home requires the use of glass insulation and you’ll need to make sure that the insulating material is insulating enough to be able to absorb the shockwaves from the house.

But what about insulation on a joist, or floor joist?

What about insulating on a window sill?

Well, some insulators will actually be designed to resist shocks.

However, there are some insulation knives out there that have been designed specifically for these types of applications.

You can find a few of these on the internet and I’ve even heard of some that are sold by manufacturers online for less than $20 each.

You won’t find the most expensive and durable insulation knives online but I think they’re worth a try if you have some spare cash lying around.

The following insulators are suitable for both glass and non-glass applications.

I’ve included the best rated insulation for glass, but I’d also recommend the other types of glass and wood for use on the inside of your house.

Insulating on the glass side of your joist