An insulated tarps man who claims he was forced to evacuate his apartment after a ceiling insulation leak was sued by an insulation company.

In a complaint filed Thursday in a Los Angeles County court, Kevin Sneddon, 46, of Santa Monica, California, claims that the California Insulated Products Co., Inc. “instructed him to purchase a tarps coat and a ‘wall heater'” for his home.

The suit alleges that the company “engaged in deceptive and unlawful conduct” to get Snedden to purchase the insulation.

It also accuses the company of “pervasive and illegal” conduct, including the use of deceptive advertising to entice him to buy the insulation, to lie about the number of people who would be affected by the insulation leaks, and to “misrepresent” the cost of the insulation and its impact on customers’ property values.

Insulated tarp coats and wall heaters can cost as much as $200,000, according to the California Department of Building Inspection.

The company has denied all the allegations in the lawsuit.

“Insulated Tarps is a company with an impeccable record of quality and integrity,” a spokesperson for Insulated Tarp said in a statement.

“We have always conducted our insulation product testing on our tarps with the highest quality standards and are always willing to help our customers with their insulation needs.”

Sneddon’s lawsuit comes on the heels of a similar lawsuit filed by an insulated tarp man in May against a different insulation company, which claims that it misled consumers by saying that it was “more efficient” than its competitors.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages, saying the “maliciously deceptive conduct” caused Snedson to flee his home, and that the insulation company should be held liable.

Insulation companies have been criticized in recent years for their alleged use of misleading advertising, a practice that has become a frequent topic of scrutiny after a number of insulation deaths in the U.S. The practice of “ditching” a house in an attempt to avoid paying insurance premiums, or for homeowners to relocate because of insurance claims.