Posted April 01, 2019 07:53:17A new study by the Brookings Institution and the McKinsey Global Institute has found that technology jobs in the U.S. are losing jobs more quickly than at any time since the recession.

The study found that jobs in engineering, computer science, medicine and the financial services sector have all experienced the greatest job losses.

The economy as a whole, on the other hand, has lost just over 6 million jobs since the downturn began.

In 2017, the report said, only 4.2 percent of jobs in technology and finance were held by people with college degrees.

By 2021, the figure had risen to 6.6 percent.

The number of people employed in the three sectors has dropped by more than half since the Great Recession began.

By 2019, just over a third of jobs had been created in the technology and financial services sectors, compared with 28 percent in 2016.

The report comes as the Trump administration has proposed a $20 billion cut in infrastructure spending and a new tax on the sale of tech stocks.

It is also the latest indication that technology is increasingly in jeopardy.

“The job losses are real, they are continuing, and they are accelerating,” said the study’s co-author, Jason Furman, the vice president for research at the Brookings.

“It is now clear that the recovery is in deep trouble.”