AUSTRALIA’S most famous backpacker has been in hospital after a fall off a ledge on a Sydney beach last week.

The 28-year-old Australian woman, who went by the name of Jenny, was on a holiday with her partner in the town of Wollongong when she hit the ground, according to police.

Police have released CCTV footage showing Jenny falling off the cliffs near her home on March 25.

Jenny was rushed to hospital, where she later died.

“We have no idea where she is now,” Detective Inspector John Dyson said.

The incident happened after Jenny was walking along the coast near Wollomatt on the weekend, according a Facebook post.

“It is very difficult to tell how high she went but we are treating it as a fallen victim of a fall,” the post said.

“Jenny had been hiking on the beach for around 15 minutes prior to this incident, but had not been hiking all day and was very tired and dehydrated,” the statement added.

Juddie is survived by her partner, her two children and a dog.