The insulated doghouse in my house is insulated with two layers of foam insulation.

This allows us to install winter windows in our house during the coldest winter months. 

The dog house is built with insulated panels on each side, and a foam wall between the panels. 

I used a 3-layer joist to make this house and added some 2x4s to the exterior.

I cut the panels into four sections with a 1/4″ drill bit.

Then I glued the panels together using glue sticks and sandpaper. 

To make the foam wall, I used two layers on each of the sides of the foam, then glued the foam in place. 

Then I added a small piece of wood glue, to secure the foam to the wood. 

Using a 1-1/2″ drill, drill through the foam panel.

Then cut the foam up into two pieces and glue them to the foam.

I used a 1″ bit to make the gaps. 

Now, to install the windows, I cut a 1×2 piece of foam to fit inside the opening, and glue it to the two panels.

I then cut the panel into two 1×4 pieces and glued them together. 

Next, I drilled a 1.5″ hole in the foam so that the two pieces of foam could fit inside. 

This will allow the foam inside to flow into the openings and seal them.

I also added two 1″ screws that I used to secure my panels to the wall. 

With the panels installed, the foam was ready to be glued. 

After attaching the panels, I ran them through the insulated dog fence to dry. 

And that’s it! 

This insulated dog door was very easy to build.

I built the entire door in a day. 

Here’s what you need to do to install it: