Men’s insulated bivy covers could soon be mandatory

It’s a bivvy that’s all about comfort.It’s not the kind of bivys you’d see at your local park.Instead, the new insulating bivies for men’s jackets are made of insulation panels that are made to be folded and stacked.And they look very good.But the insulating panels aren’t exactly lightweight.They weigh around 400 grams.And that’s just the […]

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How to get the best insulation on your house

Inside a insulated cat cage, the house is a place to be protected.It’s also a place for cats to live out their lives, where they’ll roam freely and happily.Insulated cat houses are perfect for keeping your furry friends at bay, and while they may not be perfect for every situation, they’re a great way to […]

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Styrofoami insulation sheets for $1,200 per sheet

The foam insulation sheets used in insulation were once the stuff of science fiction, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon.The materials are cheap, durable and extremely strong.But now, for the first time, they are in the real world.Samuel Insull, a former aerospace engineer who’s a professor of mechanical engineering at the University of […]

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Why men need insulated biceps

Men should invest in an insulated bicep as the muscles of their arms can be more susceptible to injury than women’s, according to a study.Researchers found that men who wear insulated biber jackets have about three times the risk of shoulder injury compared to men who do not wear them.The study, conducted by the National […]

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How to Make a Snowproof Roof

article Now that you know how to build a snowproof roof, here are the steps to making one:1.Find a good place to put it2.Drill a hole3.Cut the insulation to length4.Place the roof on top5.Add a snow plow6.Add more insulation to keep the snow out7.Install the snowplow8.Add snow fencing9.Build a snow gate10.Add some decorative snow on […]

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